SPRICH MIT MIR // 2023 // FICTION // drama // 80` // ARRI Amira

Karo is freshly separated. When her mother Michaela suggests to go on vacation with her to the Baltic Sea, Karo suspects a failed man’s story behind it. The journey of the two women takes them into their past and into very different needs: Michaela wants distraction, Karo wants peace and quiet. In the hotel they meet the recently divorced Jochen and his teenage daughter Marie. Old wounds are reopened, roles questioned, and mother and daughter realize that the absent husband and father left a void bigger and more painful than either of them thought.

director Janin Halisch // writer Janin Halisch, Hannah Sioda // actor Alina Stiegler, Barbara Philipp, Peter Lohmeyer, Pearl Graw, Jonathan Berlin, Zethphan Smith-Gneist, Pierre Besson // dop Antonia Lange // editor Jamin Benazzouz // producer Clara Gerst // co-producer Janin Halisch, Jamila Wenske // production company Deutsche Film- & Fernsehakademie Berlin // co-production company Softspot Productions, Achtung Panda!, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg // distributor UCM.ONE

shot in Berlin and Rügen

festivals *** Max Ophüls Preis 2023 („Competition Feature Film“) (*** Winner of Best Actress Award for Alina Stiegler) // *** Achtung Berlin Festival 2023 („Competition Feature Film“)