ALIENIZE // 2017 // PILOT – INTERACTIVE WEBSERIES // comedy // 2x 6´ // ARRI Amira

After their grandma´s birthday party the siblings Sara and Mirko are suddenly facing an alien on a dimly lit parking lot. The alien teleports Sara onto a foreign planet where the aliens´ king instructs her to prepare his species´ arrival on earth. Meanwhile the mysterious alien is stuck on earth, since his teleportation-gadget broke down. Little by little he and Mirko start to like each other and begin plotting plans.

director / showrunner Henning Wagner // writer Isabella Oliveira Parise Kröger, Beliban zu Stolberg // dop Antonia Lange // producer UNITED AUDIENCE – Tobias Gaede // impact producer Richard König

cast Luise von Finckh, Ali Orcan, Michael Tietz, Dennis Kamitz, Luise Lunow

funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg